About Kwik-E-Charge
The Kwik-E-Charge™ mobile phone chargers are new types of products designed for the mobile phone service market. It capitalizes on the consumer's need to re-charge their cellular phones conveniently, while on the move. Accessibly located in public places, they serve as much needed emergency "fill-up stations". This patented technology allows nearly all models of cell phones to be fully charged in a matter of minutes. It's also compatible with other portable electronic devices, such as iPods, Laptops, PDA's and Camcorders.

All Kwik-E-Charge™ models are highly intelligent and are featured with voice and light prompts. They can charge and discharge several mobile device batteries simultaneously. In addition they are equipped with UV sterilizing, disinfecting, and air purification functions.

In addition all Kwik-E-Charge™ units are equipped with color monitors, providing an excellent venue for advertising and public service messaging.

Methods of payment: Kwik-E-Charge™ units are equipped with latest technology in the method of payment be it a swipe-card (debit, credit cards). Or state-of-the-art SMS payment system, widely used in Europe and around the world for personal convenience of cell phone-users, to transact on the run, and in order to consolidate their monthly payments.

All units have multi level safety features such as limited current, limited voltage, and limited temperature, and are short-circuit resistant.

Kwik-E-Charge™ product-originally developed in China, have proven their efficiency on the world's biggest cell phone market. Kwik-E-Charge™ products are not only purchased by many telecom industry giants in China like China Mobile and China Unicom, and now exported to the United States, Great Britain, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Singapore, Russia, Bulgaria, South Africa, and other countries.